Post-Production Photos

Our team of post-production specialists implement the know-how and all the latest professional digital photography techniques in order to deliver irreproachable results that will meet the needs of our most demanding customers. Thanks to the expertise of our image professionals, we take care of the processing of your photos in all aspects.

Photo Deep Etching

Economic, photo deep etching can be used in several sectors and saves a lot of time once outsourced. Professional photo clipping gives a real added value to commercially used photos that aim to maximize sales. At the graphic agency, we ensure a careful and precise deep etching that adapts to the needs of our most demanding customers.

Products colorization

Using advanced digital techniques, colorization is fast and efficient. We create all the colour shades for any type of product, even based on a single prototype previously photographed. We modify on demand denatured colours due to several factors like lighting, angle... etc.

Ghost image

We create ghost images for our customers who want to highlight their products and ensure a better visibility for their customers. With the model technique, we eliminate the support on which you have photographed your product in order to have an almost complete perspective.

Product staging

A well-thought-out staging can give more value to your product. We create decorative spaces around your product for a better presentation and give more importance to its utility. No matter what your project is,we create the desired scene by putting in place the most relevant elements and colours.

Photo retouching and corrections

Sometimes detail is everything. The photo retouching service allows the achievement of an irreproachable result. We use the best tricks and techniques in order to ensure the optimal improvement of the photos’ quality as well as the execution of the most refined retouches and corrections.


The vectorization of a product or object allows a more detailed view of the shapes that can be used for several purposes. Our specialists opt for the necessary tools and tests for a clean result without degradation.
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